Boston marathon 2021 postponed

Well, it looks like the covid is already screwing us into the future. Not surprised, though, things have been trending worse in the area. The thing I don’t get is why people think it’s fine to have kids in sports yet stuff like running/cycling/tri stuff gets cancelled (to be clear, I think kid sports need to cancelled, just pointing out the weird standards)

Doesn’t make me hopeful for bike racing in the spring.


I hope this doesn’t drag on to long - I want to race!

Sea Otter Classic hasnt set a date yet either…probably realizing that california’s covid situation isnt getting better anytime soon.

Just move the Boston Marathon to FL!
We dont care down here!


Event Insurance, First Aid Requirements, Sponsorship (thought likely not a factor for Boston), athlete travel restrictions, and public backlash/reputation are just a few of the factors causing these bigger events to be postponed.

While people may not agree about little joey’s soccer league, it likely isn’t going to gain international media attention.

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Agreed but now we have the state closing hockey rinks because COVID was being spread among hockey players. I think we are bad at cutting out unnecessary stuff and kid sports are definitely unnecessary, at least less than school

The problem is the fractional jurisdictional way in which our society is run; irrespective of country.
You have federal rules, state/provincial, city, district, school board, etc.
When you have these layers and variances of jurisdictions it creates issues when it comes to dealing with certain problems, and COVID (and climate change for that matter) highlight them clearly.

Federal gov’ts could do something (and some did) but its a very blunt tool with sweeping implications. Otherwise cities can do things on a much more specific basis, but then you have different rules depending on where you live and all of the joy of that. And then you have everything in between.

This is the balance…and the problem.

I think the real reason for cancelation NOW is that they KNOW they will not run the race in April.
Chances of things getting better by then are close to 0.
So instead of having to deal with a canceled race and thousands of pissed people who booked hotels and flights and stuff, they just cancel and avoid the shit that happen back in April.

because it isn’t the same people…the same people who are screaming about having their kids in sports will also be the ones screaming that they shouldn’t be cancelling tri’s, running or bike races.

We are seriously considering building an ice rink in our backyard for the winter. I’ll set the trainer next to the rink while the kids skate. No Lasco blower needed to keep cool!


Personally Ive always thought its the running races that are screwed henceforth. Tris and bike races havent got the same volume and proximity problem.

Learning to live with the disease, well the “new normal” may not have mass participation marathon in it.

Synthetic ice, here in North Carolina. It works (kinda) for backyard shooting drills.


Sadly, I’m afraid an updated hashtag might be needed soon.

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I think kid’s sports are more necessary than adult sports, in general, although I’m not saying they should be doing them.

Yeah, but I don’t think we should conflate organized sports with fitness/wellness for kids. I have my 9y/o ride with me 60mins a day and have him on zwift. Of course not everyone can get on zwift but lots of folks have bikes and can do stuff like that to get kids to remain active. Wasn’t that the whole point of this whole bike sales boom?? lol


Maybe not fitness, but wellness I would say is absolutely a benefit of organized sports. Teaching kids how to be on a team, compete and practice skills can have a big impact on how they behave as adults, not to mention providing happiness and self-worth. Obviously, this is not a benefit at all costs and would need to be done safely, but I don’t agree organized sports isn’t a benefit to the wellness of children.

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I dunno, I played soccer in high school and sat on the bench, I don’t know how that improved my self worth lol


Great that you do that with your child!

There’s a difference there obviously. I was an average athlete at sports elementary through high school but I think the team aspect helped me later on in many ways aside from fitness.

I don’t have children and don’t plan to so I’m far from an expert in the area. Just based on my experience growing up, if something (meeting, practice, lifting, etc.) wasn’t a part of an organized sports team I didn’t just randomly do them and I most certainly didn’t workout regularly to stay healthy. I can say the same for a large majority of those around my age. Of course there were some people that did and it showed in their performances. I didn’t have that drive back then. Not to say I sat at home a lot growing up, quite the opposite really as I didn’t want to be inside my house much. If I didn’t have that activity level growing up then I wonder whether or not I’d be on a bike 5 days a week now.

To be fair with the number of international (and at this point out of state runners) I’d imagine they would have a hard time getting people to commit to the race. I know if I were coming from Europe there’s no chance I’d sign up now. That race is a tremendous production, and they likely need a ton of runners just to keep the lights on. Although I do think a locals only Boston Marathon would be pretty cool.

I think we’ll see local races get quite a boost, but my wife and I typically volunteer at Boston and it’s tough to see that race happening in it’s previous form for a while.

The Big Sur marathon for 2021 (normally in April) was completely cancelled a few months ago. They aren’t even going to try for a November date. (The half typically run in November is also canceled for 2021.) Their permitting process is a 6-month process, so they need to be sure that the race can run before going through all of the investment, and there’s too much uncertainty to try to move forward. I’d guess that Boston may have similar long permitting issues.

The Big Sur people said they are trying to conserve cash so they will have the capability to come back when they are able.

Just as a counterexample, Leadville 2021 is still on, just signed up yesterday on my guaranteed entry from this years cancellation