Here we go again [Sea Otter Classic 2021]

2020 part deux.

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I mean, at this point, if you’re still expecting events to go off without issues or rescheduling in the US this year, you must have had your head in the sand since 2019.

It’s a very likely reality that most, if not all, large race series will either cancel altogether again, or reschedule for fall. This has been the most likely possible time that has been shown for events to be held relatively safely.

There will be no large/nationwide road season this year in the US. I’m sure there will be local organizers who choose to hold events in spite of the science and data, but it’s not worth it logistically and liability wise for these large events.

At best the latest projections show ~70% of the country vaccinated by Autumn. And that’s if we have a steady stream of it coming in without any issues, not to mention the people who will just flat out refuse to receive it (which, I was surprised to find out the endurance sport world has a fair amount of anti-vax morons unrelated to C19). This is probably the earliest we’ll start to see things return to “normal”.

It’s also important to remember that even if you get the vaccine, there’s not enough data to show whether or not you can still be a carrier, so we have to assume that’s the case. This can put a huge speedbump in the way; for example: I’m a teacher in public schools, so I’ll be getting the vaccine relatively soon thanks to my states roll-out, but that doesn’t mean that I can or should just go back to never wearing a mask or washing my hands, or traveling all over the country, or visiting my parents and grandparents without precautions.

TL;DR: Duh.


Not to mention the 36% of RN’s in the US who said they won’t take the vaccine.

New Survey of 13K U.S. Nurses: Findings Indicate Urgent Need to Educate Nurses about COVID-19 Vaccines

That seems troubling.

And add in the fact that a large percentage of African Americans who will not get vaccinated to go along with endurance morons and the chances of this thing going away is looking rather bleak.

Moving the Needle: African Americans and the COVID Vaccine

Plus the rollout of the vaccine by many states is embarrassingly low.

I’d s add y this year is shot too in regards to racing.

That survey was dated October ie. before the vaccines were announced. I’m not surprised that there are plenty of nurses that won’t blindly commit to an unspecified, unannounced vaccine.

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I know it’s only anecdotal, but I know there was about 25-30% of the nursing staff at a local hospital refused, and one of my wife’s relatives (nursing) did the same.

I can understand being hesitant about a new, unproved, unrehearsed vaccine. But this isn’t causing that, this is fear and miseducation/disinformation. Those who’ve actually taken the time to learn about the vaccine and how it was developed can see that the method/science has decades of research behind it.

Unfortunately it still seems to be an issue.

Up to 40% of healthcare workers in Los Angeles County refuse to take coronavirus vaccine

Very disconcerting when front line and high profile people are not taking the vaccine.

There were a number of articles I read about the slow rollout of the vaccine in many states. At one point my state, Washington, was the lowest at .04. It’s improving and hopefully will continue to do so.

All that being said, back on topic I’d say ixnay on the acingray for this year.

Registration is open. I had signed up pre Covid, so I already paid for it all and decided I would go out and do it still. Doing three races (Fri/Sat/Sun), with my “A” being on the Sunday :man_shrugging:

It’s a lot of fun. Are you doing off road or road events?

Both. I did my first road race at Sea Otter in 2019 and decided I wanted to do it again, and do the circuit race because lapping Laguna Seca that slow sounds fun.

XC race is my primary event.

2019 as well…The circuit, while hard was one of the more fun for sure. If you get gapped over the top just keep at it. The group tends to look at each other and slow a bit coming off the corkscrew. Ask me how I know! :boom: :boom: :boom:

I am taking a break from motorcycle racing (though I haven’t lapped Laguna). The corkscrew is where I have my best chance of catching up :rofl:

While my fitness isn’t the same as 2019, I am still “under catted” (only in C4 and probably belong in C3/2). So I am not worried. Besides it just being for fun. Racing my roadie isn’t my thing, just something I will do if I am in the vicinity of a race (not much road racing in SoCal).

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Almost here, I think it might happen :man_shrugging:

I personally would be ecstatic if it was postponed because I am not in the mood to race right now. But I am sure I will feel differently on the Monday AFTER the racing is done.