Two technical issues that I need help with

First is that no matter how fast I spin I can not get TR to elevate the speed to successfully get my Kickr to calibrate. The max mph speed I can generate is 16 mph and that is with a cadence of around 150 rpm. What is going on here? I used to be able to calibrate no problem.

The second issue might be related. When I do a TR workout for an hour I would see it posted on Strava. Strava would indicate that an hour ride was about 20 miles or so of effort depending on the TR workout I was doing. Now, an hour workout equates to about 3 miles. No matter what the TR workout is. what is going on here and how do I fix this. This isn’t right.

I’ve asked for help from TR but they are taking 4-5 days to respond and when they do they say go review the frequently asked questions to find the answer. This is an insult. I’ve looked at every post and suggesting in order to get this resolved and that is why I’m asking you TR for help. If I don’t get this resolved I’ll just drop out of the program and use something else like Zwift.


Shift your gears. You need to spin your flywheel, so get in the big ring and keep shifting the rear until you reach target.

I like to creep up so I shift To big ring and around 13T rear and then start ramping up cadence slowly till I hit the speed.

Speed and distance are irrelevant on a power trainer. They are easily manipulated by choosing a gear that spins the flywheel slower or faster.

There’s only two gears you should pick from: whatever makes the straightest chain line in either the small or big ring.

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Can you calibrate the kickr with the wahoo app? I had a little weirdness with my Kickr before and had to do a factory reset.

The official TR support article:

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You may know this already, but if I remember correctly, the calibration runs in resistance mode so you have to shift. I always make sure I’m in the big ring before tapping the calibrate button and then shift until I hit the right speed.

I did recalibrate in the Wahoo app and it didn’t make any difference.

What gear are you in? Try big ring in the front and small in the back. Should get the kickr up to speed in no time.

A couple of other things to check if your not trying to ride with a low gear…:man_facepalming:

The speed sensor on the Kickr is optical from memory. External light sources can mess with it and they can also fail.
However, I’m pretty sure that would mess with the power also.

What options are there for setting wheel circumference with the Kickr?
I sold mine so I can’t check to see if messing with settings can cause your problem.

I was in the big ring in front and small in the back. didn’t matter.

No bright lights at all around me and the wheel circumference is set for a 700 wheel.

Factory reset?