Wahoo Kickr Speed Is Slow

New Kickr and new smart trainer user here…While in level mode 0 at 200W with Quark PM using the Wahoo Fitness app my speed is about 3mph slower than outside. Do I just have to live with it or can I tweak a setting to better match speed?

I think the setting you are looking for is ERG mode speed simulation

The speed reported in resistance mode will just be based on whatever gear you are using and how fast the flywheel is spinning (unless there is a setting for wheel circumference). I don’t remember if there is a wheel circumference setting but if so, you can just gradually increase the tire size until you get the speed you expect in the gear you are using.

Thanks @stevemz. There is a circumference setting…but, I’ll check out erg mode. Not a huge deal just trying to understand before I win everything in Zwift :wink:

The speed doesn’t get taken into account on Zwift, only the power.

The only thing speed will show up on is on TrainerRoad if you do an ERG workout it will give you a distance/speed for the workout, but it just gets passed through to the file I think.

I’ve never once looked at the speed reported from the trainer and honestly I just ignore it.


Was just ribbing ya.

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So I changed the wheel circumference to match my 25’s (2.105m) v. the standard 23’s 2.096m). Will see if this helps…

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Don’t worry about indoor speed, its not real anyway what is real is power :+1:

I can do a high resistance workout on a flat virtual course indoors and the speed in TR based on flywheel speed is really low but the virtual course speed at the same time in RGT is pretty high; the only consistent thing is power :wink:

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Yeah yeah for sure. This doesn’t matter training wise. I will do some team challenges though and those are usually milage based. I’ve done them all outside until now as I’ve noticed the leaders do a lot of miles inside. Just wondered how they were able to do so many miles at such a fast pace inside is all.

Also depends on the gear you’re in. The higher the gear, the faster the 0mph.


Put it in the biggest gear and use erg mode. Will create higher flywheel speed on the wahoo kickr and it’ll give you a bunch of fake miles on strava.

I justify the slightly higher mileage/mph numbers because it gives me 0 ft vertical, even if I ride for 4hrs inside…and that’s not fair.

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They probably do it in a virtual world which works out speed and distance relative to your power and weight. Some virtual worlds also contain virtual drafting and one virtual world also doesn’t slow through corners. You can power down hill and not worry about slowing down for corners and traffic as you would in the real world so speed lost in ascent is more than gained in descent Virtual world speeds and distances are usually higher than that based on the flywheel that TR uses unless its straight up a virtual mountain with no descent :+1:

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