201 to 255 FTP, Club foot, PSVT, Ex-smoker. Overcoming challenges with TR

A year later, my FTP increased from 201 to 255.

But this isn’t about me, but rather on overcoming difficulties, using sport, cycling, and specifically Trainerroad.

I was born with a left club foot, which was straightened with three surgeries by the age of four, and have an upcoming catheter ablation for PSVT; a condition where my heart starts beating between 160-180 bpm, and no, not when I’m chasing the watts, but rather when I’m at rest.

I also quit smoking 6 months ago, cold turkey, and have never felt better. Although I was “only smoking” five cigarettes a day, I didn’t go a day without it.

Being Italian and living in the US, my wife and I fortunately generally eat healthy food, although we’ve certainly upped that game as well. We tend to eat a 70% plant-based diet (Lost about 12 prior to starting TR because of healthy eating)

I practice yoga occasionally with my wife, who, a few years ago found out that she suffers from an autoimmune disease. It’s helped her, helped me, helped us.

And in addition to playing Ice Hockey, and doing some strength training, I’ve caught the bug that you all know so well, cycling. With the gear and professional bike fit and all!

It started with a $150 used bike, then a Trek Hybrid, then a Kurt Kinetic dumb trainer (which I love the idea of mentally being challenged to chase that power, although I’ll eventually upgrade) and then a Canyon Endurace. My FTP may have increased, but the bank account has gotten smaller.

Through all of this, Trainerroad has been a support system and continuous challenge to chase; therefore teaching me how to focus. The Podcast gives that comfort as if you knew the hosts personally, and the Forum has been a tremendously useful community. Not to forget the Customer Service team, that has always been extremely helpful, prior to me being a customer, up until now.

I want to therefore commend Trainerroad for the company it is, the product and services it provides, and the community support it has created.

At 34, 83 kg (183 lbs), 1.80 m (5.10), I hope to achieve 80kg and 300 watts (3.75 w/kg) and encourage anyone that may be giving this a read, to set into this world, never feeling lost because of the community, and challenging yourself as there are gains to be made no matter what the starting point is.

Lastly, living in the Midwest, how can I find some Cat 5 races as I want to upgrade from group rides to more “formal rides” and start understanding more of Nate’s races?

Also, a question for the Podcast, if I want to warm up with the bike, before going to play hockey or doing any other activity, how quickly will a warm up fade away? For example, can I warm up for 15 minutes and then not play hockey for 2 hours, or is that just useless?

Lastly, again, where can we buy some Trainerroad swag?

Thanks again. Feeling better. Feeling Faster. Feeling Challenged. Feeling Focused.

Thanks for reading. Hope others can share their stories. I didn’t think I would ever feel this healthy, ever, but here I am, and want to spread the word.


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I used to use TR as a warm-up prior to hockey when I started playing again in 2016. I tried Taku and didn’t feel like it did much so I switched over to doing 15 minutes (thru first 3 intervals of main set) of Foerster. I had a 30 minute drive and then another 30 minutes to suit up and do the warm-up skate before the game started.

I no longer do a TR warm-up as I feel that it doesn’t help as much as it once did. I feel much more comfortable going from 0 to full gas when the puck drops then I did back in 2016.

I will say that the aerobic base you build from doing TR workouts transfers over to hockey. I may not be the fastest, but my speed drops off a lot less, if at all over the course of a game (3x20 running clock) compared to other adult onset skaters who only play hockey (up to 3 times a week).

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