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Hi all,

Been on TR for about a year now, but this is my first post to the forum. I have to thank TR for a lot of positive health benefits beyond the bike. Went in for my yearly physical today. Last year at this time I got a very stern talking to from my doc about my cholesterol and body composition. At that time, my total cholesterol score was 246, with triglycerides above 160 and an LDL of upwards of 180. I’m 5’8" and I weighed in at 184 (not as bad as it sounds since I’m a short, stocky guy, but still…). Bad numbers, especially for a guy with a bad family history of heart disease.

Fast-forward to today. My blood work came in with a total cholesterol score of 175. Dropped my triglycerides well into the normal range and my LDL by more than 50 points. I also dropped 14 lbs. (more like 17, but overdid it a little over the holidays). My blood sugar is great (family history of diabetes too), and I feel outstanding.

I have nothing to attribute this to beyond Trainer Road. Sure, I improved my diet some (cut out sweets mostly), but the biggest change has been structured training. My starting FTP last year was 149 and I’m up to 217 and climbing now. All of this on the LV plans. Stepping up to MV this year. I can’t wait for race season!

Oh, and for a little extra motivation, I’m 52! While I’ve always been an exercise person, structured training has made all the difference. I don’t feel as good as I felt in my 20s or 30s–I feel better!

Special shout out to Coach Chad, Nate, and Jonathan for the podcast. I’ve learned a ton during my training sessions.




That’s inspiring stuff. Us guys with a little gray hairs have to keep it real. While chasing PR’s and podiums are for glory, the bigger goal is to live healthy and fit and for as long as we can. Good form.

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Way to go !!!

@tofudog66 great result, congrats and keep it going!

Now that’s a true feel good story! Well done! :+1:

Top story. Maybe worth adding to feedback page on the website

Congratulations Dave, keep at it!