Dear Trainerroad staff and Forum users

Thank you!
I’ve been on Trainerroad for a little over a year, and in that time I’ve improved my FTP by nearly 100 Watts, consistently held off 7kg and improved upon my favorite segment PR (41k and 500m climbing) from a little over 80minutes to 74 and only 1.5 minutes from the KOM. All of that on a bike over 15 years old and several sizes too big!

This is due mostly to the app, the knowledgeable staff that created, maintains and continues to improve it, as well as the social elements such as the forum and podcast which both provide good information, motivation and open accountability for a company that strives to do good for a community that does the same.

I’ve recently signed up for my second year with Trainerroad and wanted to wish all of you wonderful people the very best as the clouds begin to part from the storm that is a global pandemic. I hope all your rides are fast and safe!


Congratulations! You are proof that consistency and a decent plan will take you far.

As long as it’s safe, ride what you got. No need to get upgrade-itis.


These kind of stories are very encouraging to me. I’d be happy to hear more details about the plan you used etc.


Thanks, the problem is I’m now starting to feel the problems with my position but I can’t fix them with my current bikes geometry. So new bike days will be later this year at some point!

I was affected by covid-19 early on and lost my job, so I’m a bit of a different case because the whole time I was looking for a job, which I eventually got, I was training as much as I could.

I started SSBMV and got 8 weeks in before restarting into SSBHV. That felt right with the time I had and I’d already gained 25+ Watts.

By the end of SSBHV I had gained an additional 40 Watts now up to 330. Going into SPBGV I had such a hard time doing all the intervals for a mix of several reasons. So I started working on nutrition and strength training also using a bunch of info from the forum. I later failed out of specialty with an FTP around 345.

I then restarted base from the begining doing TBHV and that was fun. I extended it by 2 weeks total and then strated a new job that was way my physical than expected.

I m finishing up the GBMV now and just trying to maintain FTP and increase repeatability.

That’s it in a nutshell.
Getting a handle on nutrition and consistency are probably the biggest things that helped me. I used to enjoy a full pie to myself once or twice a week. Now it’s only a little bit each night! Win!

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