2 Workouts (so far) not showing on Garmin head unit

Last week I got a first workout which was not showing properly on my Garmin Edge 130 plus.
The instructions are good, but the on/off intervals shows as a black bar.
So I have no idea what is coming, how many more intervals, for how long. Here is a snapshot :

That one was Rattlesnake +1
And I just got another one that is scheduled for tomorrow : Wolfpen

Instead of the big black bar, here is how a good workout on my Garmin should look like :

Has anyone seen that before ?
This is really annoying. I missed one block last week, because I thought I was done, but instead of a cooldown there were another block


Have you contacted TR support?

Yes I did.
They checked the workout template, and it was ok.
It could be an issue with that particular Garmin model.