2 weeks break over XMas, what’s next

I completed 5 weeks (out of the 6 planned) of the Sweet Spot Base mid volume I. Then I went on holidays, no cycling, lots of eating and relaxing.
When I am back (first week of Jan), should I:
A) Re-do / restart from week 3 or week 4 of the Sweet Spot Base already done to recover some fitness and then continue as planned
B) Start from zero with Base mid volume I
C) Continue from exactly where I left off (but this makes little sense as I would have to continue with the final week of Base mid volume with is a recovery week)
D) Or else…?

Thanks a lot!

PS: my first event is the Amstel Gold end of April. I have been cycling / racing regularly during 2018 and prior years but it’s the first time I am following a structured TR plan.

How many weeks were you away on holiday? If it was just one or two then I would just retest and start volume 2 as long as it coincides with your goal event i.e. you have time to fit in build and specialty.

The Trainerroad guys usually advise to go back 2 weeks if you were gone for 2 weeks.

If you do this it should align nicely with splitting SSB I+II into shorter blocks.
As outlined here (click the link, it’s nicely formatted there) :


Wow riding Amstel Gold will be amazing. Since you have a specific date in the future for your event, I would tend to work backwards from that first.

The event is on Apr 20, so you have 17 weeks (from yesterday) until the event. That’s not enough time to complete SSB II, Build and Speciality. Since you’re new to structured training, I wouldn’t recommend skipping the foundation. So, I would try to end Build right up to your event. Given the nature of the event, I would personally select Sustained Build for the plan. So, that would be the 8 weeks between Feb 23 and Apr 19. Then you back into Sweet Spot Base II before that between Jan 12 and Feb 22. That gives you 2 weeks gap counting from yesterday until Jan 11. So, I think I would hold back 1 of those weeks just in case you need it (sickness, etc) over the next 4 months, giving you this week to get back into gear before starting SSB II. For that, I think I’d dial it back and just pick perhaps the 3rd or 4th week of SSB I just to get back into things and then retest next week to start SSB II. This is just what I would do. What were you thinking?

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Given the OP has said he’s completed the 5 “work” weeks of volume 1 I see no benefit in going back. He’ll still be doing base training with volume 2 so just retest and start v2.


(apologies about the late reply, I have been a bit ill…).

After carefully reviewing all comments, which I found very useful, I will do the following:

  1. I will repeat week 4 of SBB I mid vol from Mon 7 Jan to Sun 13 Jan to ease me back into the swing of things
  2. SBB II mid vol from Mon 14 Jan to Sun 24 Feb
  3. Sustained Power Build (SPB) mid vol from Mon 25 Feb to Sun 21 Apr (with the last week before the Amstel Gold being a recovery week).

Any thoughts?

Your progress up to the holidays, and timing of A-race, and two weeks off, is almost exactly where I am. I’m doing basically the same as what you’re saying above. Ease back in for a ride or two (as had a cold the past week), then re-test and keep going.

Just take the two-weeks as a physical and mental break. I had the same “un-planned” 2 weeks off and just did a new FTP test and saw a 10-point improvement! Use it as a reset and attack the next stages.

It’s FTP test time tomorrow (!).
Does the FTP decrease a little in between seasons (end of previous season vs start of new one after break). Somehow I feel like I lost a few watts.

The answer is “it depends”, but you will probably see some decrease. The ebbs and flows of fitness are part of the game. It’s more useful to compare where you are now with where you were this time last year, rather than where you are now (mid-base phase) with where you were at your peak last year. If you’ve been consistent in training and you’re in basically the same place in your training plan, you should be somewhat fitter now than you were January of last year.

My personal experience as a TR user now for five months:

20 min road test (aero) - August 2018: 232W
Ramp Test (aero) - August 2018: 234W

Ramp Test SSB1 (following 6+ weeks of unstructured riding and off time - November 2018) (NOT aero): 232W
Ramp Test SSB2 (NOT aero) - Jan 2019: 247W

I think that after SSB1MV, I’m basically back to where I was at the end of last year, with the aero penalty on FTP taken into consideration, but I know for certain that I’m fitter than I was last January coming off about 18 months off the bike/only commuting about once a week. So… “it depends”.

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