$145 chain lube

Alright, which one of you are going for these marginal gains?!

Dave Rome (Cyclingtips), has said that he’s going to work with FrictionFacts to test it and see how it stacks up.


LOL, hard pass.


Wow - I would use 10 year old lawn mower oil before springing for a $146 4.7oz bottle of that

doing math - $31.06 an ounce is ridiculous

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Just in time for Father’s Day!


With the BIG OLE ASTERISK that I’ll never buy this myself…

Assuming it provides the benefits it claims, $145/7W (middle of the claimed range) is much lower $$$/watts than people spend upgrading other things. Just food for thought.

But yes, it’s hilariously expensive and it’ll never be on my buy list.

And then write a 60,000 word dissertation on his thoughts!


The Rapha of lubes!


I’d love to know what they mean by 3-10W savings over “other lubes.” Does that mean vs. WD40? Or is that savings over waxing your chain?

But if I could actually save a couple Watts on raceday vs waxing for an A race with something like this, I’d bite.

Highly doubt that liquid wax + graphene particles beats Molten Speed Wax with molybdenium particles, applied as a hot wax.

I’d buy 10 chains for the price of a bottle if this…

I’m actually curious about some independent testing on this.
The number of chains and the amount of time I spend waxing chains could negate the high initial price for the lube itself.

They do say it lasts 1800km for one application. I’d at least be curious km per bottle compared to other lubes. Still ridiculous though.

Where, indoors? Really can’t believe that can be true.

If it was, I’d buy it :joy:

I’d assume that’s bone dry ideal conditions with no contaminants.

I also just saw that they have a 14 ml bottle for $15 if anyone wants to test it out.

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I’m not good with ml sizing. Would that basically be one application?

Why not buy from the king of marginal gains Josh Poertner and get his newly released lube. It’s pricey too…but he knows his stuff

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Actually, if their tests are correct I’m very happy with my current choice (Squirt --> 1-2W difference) and might try Mucoff Nano in the future…

But cool stuff. I’m all in for innovation and hope their product becomes a success. I appreciate their testing and providing the results. Long lasting and efficient sounds really great. For the price it’s not for me.


Looks like it

So, just the Executive Summary then. :grinning:

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I’d rather eat a bucket of Popeye’s and slather the leftover grease on the chain.

Then I’m fueled AND my chain is lubed. Killing two stones with one bird.

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