Wend Waxworks Chain wax...anyone using?

So I’ve read through the post on waxing your chain and I’m pretty convinced I want to switch from lube(oil?) to wax but I’m always looking to do it easier too and with 8 bikes that I maintain between myself and my girlfriend simplifying this process would be great.

Wend Waxworks makes a rub on wax product that they claim works as well as hot waxing…or that was their design goal anyway. https://wendperformance.com/buy-online/chain-wax-kit

Also…given 8 bikes…do you wax ALL of them? The breakdown is 3 road bikes, 2 gravel bikes (those would all get waxed), 2 trainer dedicated bikes and a commuter (I’m thinking these 3 would still use traditional lube). There’s a couple of children’s bikes too…those would also continue to get old school lube.

Perhaps the best bath is to hot wax all chains that will be waxed and then reapplication would be with the rub on wax. Thoughts?

Somewhere on the Chain Waxing tutorial thread there is a link to a very in depth study/review of Wend Chain Wax which pretty much shows it is probably not the best way to go…

Hmm…I’ll have to go dig for that. That’s a bummer. :disappointed_relieved:

Well having found that review and having read it (because that’s different than finding it, lol)…yeah someone could just delete this thread.

@Grasschopper Ive got Wend… Its appealing, very practical, and the right idea, but it just doesn’t coat like UFO drip by CeramicSpeed.

  • If you can justify the cost of UFO, its great

Thanks for the feedback, it’s interesting how it is opposite the testing that was suggested I look into. And believe me I’m not knocking you here because I looked over all the testing that ZeroFrictionCycling did and the MucOff Hydrodynamic lube I’ve been using is rated horribly by them(him?). I do agree with him that it attracts dirt (talking the MucOff here) but when you clean your chain and apply the MucOff the feeling to me is like there’s no chain on the bike. So quiet and so easy to pedal…but that goes away fairly quickly. I’m about through my bottle and have heard about waxing for some time so I was going to give it a go when I started seeing the Wend stuff used and discussed on Francis Cade’s YouTube channel which got me interested.

I think at this point I’m going to just go whole hog into hot waxing…I mean why not…I need another hobby right? lol I kinda wonder if a full on dip hot wax and then latter applications of something like Wend makes sense.

^ That’s kinda how I feel… If you’re this committed, why not just wax it properly :slight_smile:

It’s discussed on Francis’ channel because it is distributed in the UK by his buddies Jam Cycling, so certain products will always get a favourable mention :wink:

Id say thats a good plan! God speed, and let us know how the progress goes:)

Go for it. Once it’s set up and you’ve got a system going you’ll never look back :+1:

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Agree 100%. Even got my friends hooked, so we setup a wax station in our shared bike shop. And Wippermann Connex links make the process of removing and installing the chain hassle and tool free. Just make sure you put the link on right.

I’m friends with the distributer in the UK. They gave me a sample pack to try out. I was completely dubious - now I only use it on all my bikes, no more lube at all.

Probably not as effective as hot wax, but once you do the initial super degrease of your chains it’s much quicker, slicker, quieter and cleaner. As well as this it handles grit and rain much better than any lube I’ve used, when my friends’ chain are grinding away and struggling to shift on gravel I’m still fine. The only downsides I can see is that it’s more expensive, you need to wipe down and re-apply more often than lubing, and it does end up clogged to the side of the jockey wheels (this doesn’t affect them at all, it just needs scraping off when you wipe down).

I’ve used the wax on Wax off products they offer. I can honestly say they are great. I get at least 300 mile per application and my drive train is dead silent. I have been pleasantly surprised!!