Chain Lubes (NOT WAXES)

Coming up to the end of my big Rock N Roll GOLD bottle and wondering if there’s anything better out there for drip lubes or all in ones. RRG is great when the application is fresh: quiet, smooth etc. but seems to get louder after about 6 hours and a quiet drivetrain is quite a fancy of mine.

I run Dura Ace chains on the road and Eagle X01 on MTB, fair weather rider. Looking to see what’s out there that’s better or comparable, maybe a bit longer lasting. Let’s keep the selling of chain waxing in the chain waxing thread and keep this to traditional lubricants.

I’ve scanned through the Zero Friction article but looking for personal experience

Rock N Roll Gold is the best I’ve used.

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I’ve been using NFS since it came out. Mountain SRAM 11 and 12. Beta tested a couple formulations for Josh a long time ago and have stuck with it.

Am a waxer for road but 100% NFS on dirt.


Squirt. Start with a really clean and dry chain. Only one I’ve ever used that stays on for long mtb rides, and doesn’t required constant cleaning. Not technically a chain wax so I think it’s fair here.


Normal nfs or silca nfs?

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Normal, straight from NFS HQ.

Not certain, but the OP could likely pick some up at Wissahickon Cyclery. Drew probably stocks NFS.

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I live right near Guy’s so tend to get RRG cause they stock it all the time in the big bottles for $25. They also have finish line wet and dry and ceramic but those don’t seem to be excellent.

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Seems to test extremely well and is not the wax based.


I spoke to a buddy and he uses the Super Secret Chain Wax, how is that compared to a traditional drip lube?

I’ve used FinishLine Ceramic wet lube for about 15years after it was recommended to me and I can see why. It was out of stock a few times and I used the Muc Off ceramic wet lube but it’s not the same. I’ll happily cycle 1000s of miles between lubes in the summer with FinishLine stuff and it will clean off easily to reveal a clean and happy chain but the Muc Off stuff if you left it more than one ride it’d go sticky and hard to clean. Thank goodness Finishline Ceramic Wet Lube was back in stock the last few times I have looked. Its almost as clean as a dry lube but the protection of a wet lube.

PS with all this talk of lubes, I hope kids aren’t reading :wink:

I was once trying to find some firearms lubricant/preservative, turns out Gunoil is something a bit different :rofl:

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It’s grimy, dirty, and “old school,” but I’ve been working through a couple bottles of Dumond Tech Lite for like a decade. Basically for me, it’s Squirt on my summer dry bikes, and DTL for everything else. I don’t know how it stacks up objectively to others, but I’ve always been content with it. Very very black oil on your chain and rings though.

Muc-Off Dry Ceramic has worked well for me.

I’ve been using NFS on my bikes for awhile and been very happy with it. But I thought I’d try this new Silca lube out, I put it on one of my bikes when it was time for a new chain recently. The weather hasn’t really been cooperating but hopefully now that the time has changed I can put some miles on it.

It seems good, I’m curious to see if I can get the claimed mileage. I don’t usually need to ride in the rain much here so if I can go that long between applying it that would be nice.

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If you mean

I have used it since it came out. I am very happy with it. I dont find it any challenge to deal with which was my concern about wax.


Yea that’s the stuff. How is it applying? Does it leave a mess all over the rings and cassette and floor?

Silca super secret is a paraffin wax lube. Silca Synergetic is their new wet lube.

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All I use is Ride Mechanic, but not sure if it is available internationally. We use it on TT, Roadie, MTB, commuters and our kids bikes. Chuck it on, wipe off excess, let it dry. I prefer Bike Mix as it lasts longer than Bike Milk, but that’s a personal preference.

I just take a couple of paper towels that I put on the ground to catch the drips. I do it in the garage. I dont find it really an issue. It is easy to wipe off of the bike. It definitely is not what I pictured when I thought of wax.

This was my experience with dumond tech lite also until last summer after a ride I washed my bike and degreased my chain, then applied dumond tech lite, spun the cranks then wiped them down. The next day I wiped the chain down again and it stayed MUCH cleaner over the next couple months of riding.