Graphene Wax - absolute black

Does anyone have any experience with this wax?

I’m in the Uk and have used Molten last year and wondered how this stacked up. I found Molten a bit “sticky” in the summer and then brittle and short lived during the winter months?


I have it sitting waiting to get applied. Haven’t even opened the shipping package yet. :man_shrugging:

Time to get it melted so you can report back asap :grinning:

It’s expensive for a 1-2W advantage over Squirt.

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I just got it also after waiting for 2 months. Haven’t installed it yet. I will say the ordering and tracking experience was about the worst I have ever had.

I’m not too worried about the watts, i do the waxing more for a clean chain however Molten didnt seem great in eithe rthe hot or cold times in the UK.

I use Squirt - really like it for how clean it is vs wet lubes, or some other “dry” lubes (eg Finish Line dry).

I haven’t yet gone all the way to waxed chain. Maybe sometime when I have the time.

Graphene Wax is my first experience into hot waxing chain. Previously i have been using Squirt exclusively. As i was due for new chains on my bikes, so decided to try it.

So I’ve used it for couple of months now on both my XC and Enduro rig. Even though i ride just on weekends, they have been really muddy rides which require washing. The first few rides i refrained from actually using soap (MucOff pink spray thingy), but i started washing it “properly” every other ride. I made sure no soap touched the chains but did give the chains a good spray.

For both bikes, the first ride needed very minor indexing adjustments. After that, to be honest, can’t really feel the difference from Squirt. But after a few “dirty” rides and washes, they still feel the same. Definitely no dirt sticking and grinding feel of my pre-wax-era lubes. Squirt would have needed topping up after few rides. And definitely a clean chain to touch, something which is really alien to me, since forever (as a kid, ALL my school pants had chain grease marks! :laughing:). So yeah, love it!

Being the nerd, I just bought a small 10ml Graphenelube maybe to use a few drops after major washes. But can’t report on that yet as i am taking a few weeks off riding outside with our Covid cases rising and waiting for my second vaccination shot.

My question to hot wax users, despite my chain being “clean”, i do see mud marks on the cassette. The chainring is also “dry” (compared to using Squirt). Any tips? Or is it fine?


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The news from Zero Friction Cycling doesn’t sound good: about 10 paragraphs down. I wonder how much Adam will be able to say about this in the long run due to NDAs etc.

ETA: Bit more information here suggesting the anecdotal evidence Adam has been getting from readers isn’t good either


Perfectly normal for the chain and chainrings to be dry using hot wax method, the difference between squirt lube and a proper hot pot wax is night and day IMO.

Even my wife and daughters bike have waxed chains these days!!

I basically only have it to top of my race day chain.
For everything else, I am using the new CS UFO drip and it is great :ok_hand:t2:

Thanks for info. Had a read and not liking what i am reading. Seems like quite the opposite of what they are marketing… I’ll continue using AB for awhile since i am already on the boat. I’ll also keep an eye on chain wear and keep updating here.

That’s AB Lube, not AB Wax.

I’m using the wax and well it’s like black wax. I get about 250 miles out of a chain before it’s time to swap with a fresh one.

I’m not sold on it being worth the price premium over the Wend I was using before.

AB Wax is nowhere as good as Molten Speed Wax. I’ve used both and found AB sticks well initially but only good for 150-200kms.
MSW is good for 3-400kms. Other than that they are pretty similar.
I can highly recommend going to waxing chains. It’s super clean, quick, and easy to do once you have set it up. The key here is to set up your waxing correctly from the beginning. As for chain wear etc I’ve had virtually none especially when I am running 2 or 3 chains in circulation. Changing them every 300kms or so.

Yep. The AB lube gets very good reviews from ZFC. The AB wax less so.

If you want to do a deep dive (very deep) on different lubes and how they perform, take a read through the articles here.

Yup. I top up my Graphene waxed chain with Graphenelube after 4-5 dirty rides.

Don’t think it worked though. Yesterday’s ride was really muddy with muddy puddles 4-5 inches deep. Had the grinding sound which I dreaded, a quick hose of water from my camelbak bladder helped a lot.

These are the post ride pics of the chain. You reckon any wax still on it? How do you know if a waxed chain is still good or needs to be re waxed?

*not able to upload the pics but the pictures clearly show that the rollers and inner walls of the chains are now shiny. No longer the “dirty-look” of an AB waxed chain.