12 months + training - HIM NZ

Looking for some suggestions here with regards to planning for HIM worlds in NZ next year. Was lucky enough to get a roll down spot after competing in my first HIM last month.

I previously followed the TR plan for about 6 months consistently for the race although race day didn’t go as planned. My bike which i thought was going to be my strongest did not work out in terms of sticking to race FTP. I believe the swim which is my worse added to fatigue on the bike but I finished strong on the run. A month after the race I’m still at race weigh or a little under, cant seem to put the weight back on or even get the motivation to get back on a training plan. Have being doing some light running and outdoor easy rides.

Anyways…with so much time and the A race set for next year(Nov) should i follow the Half distance plan from the start or will the current fitness be enough to jump in at a different point? I was thinking of starting at the beginning and putting some more emphasis on swimming…don’t get me started on nutrition lol

I stole this from @Bryce in a related post for a Full Distance:

For starters, I would check out this resource I’ve compiled for Ironman athletes. There’s a lot of good info in there, and it may help answer a lot of your questions:

I would also check out another article that addresses what you should do when you have extra time to prepare for your event:

These articles should give you the basic principals you need to build your season :slight_smile:
If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!