1000km+ bike packing in February

Do you have any ideas where I could go for a longer bike ride in February?

I will have three weeks time and my plan to fly to Thailand has just become shaky because of covid restrictions. Vietnam and Laos are closed. Therefore I am looking for alternatives. Thank you!

Where are you based? What areas have you already ridden/bikepacked?

As you might imagine it’s really difficult to recommend anywhere at the moment - a country may close its borders to travellers from all or just a few countries - the UK’s “red list” is an example.

As a starter for ideas have you looked at bikepacking.com’s route library? - https://bikepacking.com/bikepacking-routes/

Germany. All of my tours were in Europe and I wanted to try something new this time :unamused:


Morocco? Not too far away. A couple of routes come to mind: The Atlas Mountain race route and this https://bikepacking.com/routes/morocco-traverse-south/

Thanks. Interesting option, a bit too “bikepacking” (away from supply and occasional hotel stays) for my level of skills.

Not to poop on your party but bike packing during a pandemic can be stressful - Even in Europe, I found hostility last summer when the cases were rising and were were about to go into another lockdown (as the case now), people really weren’t as welcoming as normally towards a bike tourist and had more of a ‘why are you here? go home’ vibe. Perhaps a DIY training camp might be a better option where you don’t move from place to place and just enjoy some long z2 rides in the surrounding area. Anyway, my 2c

Outside of this - destinations on my bucket list include the Carcasus region, particularly Armenia where they have just released the Trans Caracasus Trail, but this would be more of a hike-a-bike type trip. And some of the Silk Road roads around Central Asia! Also, the Mongolian Bike challenge is on my list!

I’m from South East Asia and I’m not sure how enjoyable bike packing in that region now would be, they take lockdowns and covid quite seriously. Also, traffic there is deadly.

That is definitely a sensible thought, it is indeed not easy to decide currently whether to travel or not. But that is a complex of topics in itself…