10 mile tt equipment question

Hiya all, my cycling club here in the UK have decided to run a tt challenge, basically as a self improvement challenge. I’m after advice, what’s the best way to run this with my smart trainer?
Is there a session on TR that I could use? Should I run my trainer in ERG or not? I have a garmin head unit, so should I incorporate that?
I also have a Zwift account that I’ve never used, could someone explain the options that may give me? Please don’t get over technical, I’m ok gadget wise but no I.T wizard. TIA.

I’m not sure about specific workouts, but you could definitely use the workout creator to design a suitable replica of a race.

However, since TR does not record distance (knowing actual distance covered on a trainer isn’t realistic/easy to calculate accurately) you’d have to aim for a power over a certain time.


Depending on your ability, a 10 mile TT is probably a 20-30 min effort. Check out the TR workout “Lola”

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If some one subscribes to RGT cycling they could make a virtual TT course, organise an event and everyone else in your club could ride it for free if they have a Smart trainer.

Or if nobody wants to subscribe you could just ride an open RGT virtual course.

Some folks don’t get on with RGT it requires a phone and a screen app and a strong wifi signal but I prefer the realism, rather than the ‘tronlike’ graphics of Zwift :wink:


On Zwift, the closest you will get to a flat 10 mile TT is one lap of Tempus Fugit.

You’re club could do it as a race!! Designate an organiser, and make sure everyone in the club is following them on the companion app. Set up a “meet-up” and make sure everyone uses TT bikes so you cant draft. Select meet-up view only, and show race results. You’ll then have your own private TT!!


You could all use RGT & do the Monday night Cycling Time Trials 10 mile TT. Its free as is RGT unless you choose to subscribe.
This is a link to last night’s event Link

It is a ‘magic roads’ event on the V718 course, which was the fastest course in the UK until the police stopped its use in the real world.
As it is remarkably flat it won’t matter if people don’t have erg mode on their turbos.
In the real world the record is 16:35 Online the closest so far is 19:??
It is a non drafting event… i.e. RGT won’t count in drafting.

Just filter the results afterwards for your club members.

Strava segment https://www.strava.com/segments/689034?hl=en-GB

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Thanks for all the replies folks!! Got some homework to do.