Indoor Time trial

I have a work challenge that is the fastest 13m in an indoor TT. How do I set that up on Trainer road, given that there is no weight and no wind resistance, and I am aiming to do a specific time/distance? Essentially, i just want to set up he parameters and have the programme control my smart trainer to beat his time.

No offence to TR but would you not be better on something like Road Grand Tours or Zwift where you can do a set course?

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Pro-tip: put it in your 53-11 on a smart trainer, and ride on TR’s resistance mode at the lowest resistance you can manage without losing control of your cadence. Guaranteed win on the TT, I guess you can even beat the Hour Record speed that way. I managed 60 kmh without even trying that way :grin:

I am sure some of your colleagues might object, but if it’s not forbidden in the contest’ rules go for it. A win is a win, am I right? :grimacing::grimacing:


you should use either (at least) the same software, but better, just go for the best avg watts

Average watts would give a solid, unfair advantage to us less-than-lean fellows, no? And besides, CdA also means a hell of a lot in TT…

I can’t see any way to make it completely fair, really, so clearly the only option left is to embrace skullduggery :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

and this is why I have no interest in anything Zwift has to offer! :laughing:…I now do my FTP on the small ring middle sprocket…this allows me to keep the wattage floor. I have done a test in the big ring - it was 35W higher (on my Kickr snap) - doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things if you train with it consistently. However, with all the dishonesty with weight and equipment I will give Zwift a miss and wait for real racing to start in the UK!

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Zwift would be the better choice. Trainerroad does not support accurate distance.