10 days from holiday to event

Hi all,

Later in the year I’ve got a family holiday to Disneyland in Florida (live in UK) for two weeks, when won’t be on bike at all, but might get in odd short run (I hope) but maybe only 1-2 x 30min each week.

I had planned on that basically being the end of my season and then just starting off-season on my return…however an event has come up that me and bunch if mates have entered and I want to do well in, 10 days after I fly home.

It is a short duathalon (2k run, 16k bike, 2k run). I’ve never done a duathalon before and don’t do any running (but did a 10k with zero training last year in 46mins) but plenty cycling (TT and cyclocross)

Any tips on how to best utilise those 10 days from coming home to the event to give myself the best possible chance of beating my mates and having bragging rites all off-season!