Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)

I am using using a TR triathlon plan and would like to know how to upload the strava run or swim workout from my garmin on to the TR calendar? Just like when you complete an outside ride or bike workout that uploads to strava or Garmin connect, it would then show in TR. I would then have previously “assigned” this as the workout from the TR calendar.


As far as I am aware, you can’t do this yet. I’ve seen Nate respond in other comments it will be implemented in the future.

We are not yet able to import your ride/ swim info into TrainerRoad, however, it is on our development roadmap. In the future, it is out goal to be able to import other workouts in the same manner that you import your outdoor rides :slight_smile:


ok, thanks!

Hey Bryce, for what its worth, I think this should be on the top of the development list. This capability basically would put you guys (functionality wise) in very close competition with TraininPeaks. And considering their lack of innovation - from a self trained user- over the past few years, if TR had a fully functioning calendar with runs/swims as well, I don’t see a point in having a Training Peaks account.


Thanks for the input Kev!

I totally agree with you, this would be huge for the Triathlete Community and could bring many users over from “the other training platform” :wink: . Ultimately, we base our major Development Projects on popular user demand, so the more people who share their voice in support of a certain improvement, the higher priority that improvement becomes.

This is how our outside rides came to being, how calendar came into being, and it will continue to impact our development heavily. So keep sharing your input!


I would love to use TR as my one stop shop for my training calendar. As a new triathlete, i’m overwhelmed by everything out there. I trust Trainerroad and feel connected with the product through the forum and podcast. Using it as the home base for my training would be perfect.


The other feature that would go with this is a workout creator for swimming and running… something that can be uploaded to Garmin devices to use during workouts!! If you have upload capabilities and this, you’d be ahead of the curve in terms of value for sure… :ok_hand:


I’m definitely happy to throw my voice in behind this one! Having everything on trainerroad would completely negate the need for anything other than Strava plus whatever hardware feed-ins you use (such as Garmin Connect). The Trainerroad pricing structure is much more affordable for someone who doesn’t want to pay for an actual coach, and I’m much more likely to stick to a plan if it’s really easy to log things in one spot.
I’m currently switching over to TP to get my swim TSS estimated, so that’s another feature I’d love.


Bryce, I’ll chime in here too. I record my runs and swims on my Garmin and would love if they showed as completed workouts on my calendar. It isn’t too bad to manually schedule them at this point, but in the farther future it might be nice if you had plans I could schedule for those now. I believe seeing my TSS from all 3 sports together makes me a faster biker (and swimmer and runner) because I can plan a realistic week using calendar.


Adding my vote for this feature as well.


It gets my vote too


For what it’s worth +1


I’ll add my voice to those who would love to see this as well.


I agree. I would much rather have TR as my “one stop shopping” platform.


Hear Hear. That would about make the calendar perfect. Gets my vote.


The only reason I still us TP Premium now is the calendar function and how easily it links to everything - however, that is still valuable- for example, weight / sleep metrics. My running plans drop right in to TP.

I love where TR is going with the calendar, may take a bit of time to get there so maybe one more year with TP?

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Can’t wait for something like this to work! Also, as mentioned above, would love to be able to send workouts to my Garmin instead of having to build my own copies of trainerroad workouts in Garmin when I want to ride outside.


This has my vote for a feature. It is pretty annoying not having my runs on the calendar, it means switching between strava and trainer road whereas I would like to have it all on trainerroad. Thanks for the interaction!


Consider this a +1 :slight_smile: