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Features for Cyclists

From structured workouts to periodized fitness specific to your event, every aspect of TrainerRoad was created for cyclists who want to win.

01. Foundation

Structured Cycling Training

TrainerRoad’s cross-platform application provides guided interval training to help riders of all types become faster cyclists.

Interval Training for Cyclists

Follow structured interval workouts that establish, build and specialize your fitness to compete in your next event.

Guided Workouts

Get the most out of every interval with instructional and motivational text from onscreen coaching instruction.

Live On-Screen Workout Data

Watch your performance live with power, cadence and heart-rate data displayed as your workout.

02. Equipment

Choose the Way You Train

Pick between three power-based training options with the industry’s most popular equipment on your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices.

Speed Sensor + Trainer

Get power-based training with just a speed sensor and a trainer without the costly investment of a power meter. Learn more about VirtualPower®.

Power Meter + Trainer

Get accurate, consistent power readings on the road and on the trainer when you use a power meter and TrainerRoad.

Smart Trainer

Let TrainerRoad control your trainer’s resistance by using a smart trainer for the ultimate training experience.

03. Personal

Training Designed for You

Get personalized workouts to help you prepare for your next event — regardless of your cycling discipline.

Fitness Assessment

Over 1000 workouts are automatically scaled to your personal fitness level after you complete a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test.

Structured Training Plans

Choose from 100+ discipline-specific training plans designed by Chad Timmerman, a Level I USA Cycling and Triathlete certified cycling coach.

Workout Creator

Create a personal workout from scratch, or use the Workout Creator to customize an existing TrainerRoad workout.

04. Data

Critical Performance Metrics

Use critical cycling data to know where you started, how you’re improving and identify where to adjust your training to meet your goals.

Personal Career

Keep track of past rides, FTP, TSS and other data while watching your fitness progress.

Access Your Data

Log into your online profile wherever you are to access your training data any time.

Ride Sync

Automatically sync your ride history and performance data to popular sites like Strava, TrainingPeaks and Dropbox.

05. Entertainment

In-Ride Entertainment

You have the freedom to choose what your structured training experience looks like.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

Watch your favorite videos on Netflix, HBO Go and YouTube, or listen to music through iTunes and Spotify.

Cycling Advice While You Train

Listen to new weekly content from the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast: the only podcast dedicated to making you a faster cyclist.

06. Help

Priority Support

When you have a question, you’ll find the resources ready to get you back to what matters most: becoming a faster cyclist.

World-Class Support Experts

Our support experts are fast, friendly and ready to help answer your questions.

Comprehensive Help Center

Browse hundreds of articles in our Help Center to learn the ins and outs of TrainerRoad.

Live Chat

Talk to one of the support experts via Live Chat to get help in real time.

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Highly effective and easy-to-use power-based training software. Perhaps the best US$12 you can spend on getting faster.
Date published: 11/17/2014
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