Enthusiast Training Plans

Train like the pros with power-based training that fits your schedule and training availability. TrainerRoad’s training plans for enthusiasts are designed for riders who want to get fast for the love of the sport whether they’re preparing for a Gran Fondo or simply staying fit.

Cycling Enthusiast
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Training for the Everyday Cyclist

You don’t have to be a pro to train like one.

As an enthusiast, your training is all about staying fit and staying connected to the sport you love. Explore training plans that maintain your fitness to keep you in great shape even when you aren’t preparing for an event.

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Cycling Training for Your Schedule

Spending hours on the trainer each week simply isn’t possible for every athlete.

With plans that focus on making the most out of your available training time, you can follow a plan that fits your schedule without sacrificing your family, work or personal time.

Cycling Training Plans for Enthusiasts

Browse the following training plans designed to help you stay fit while training for the sport you love.

Stay fit and stay connected to the sport you love with training plans designed for cycling enthusiasts.

Maintenance8 Weeks Per Block

These blocks are designed for the enthusiast who wants to stay fit. Riders work through three high-intensity workouts with the option for some low-intensity variation based on weekly training volume.

  • Low Volume I (3.4 Hrs/Wk)
  • Low Volume II (3.4 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume I (5.1 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume II (5.1 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume I (6.5 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume II (6.5 Hrs/Wk)

Time Crunch 308 Weeks Per Block

Time Crunch 30 blocks are modeled after some of our most popular 60-minute workouts offering shorter but no less intense efforts in order to grant time-crunched athletes the luxury of a similar training effect, just in less time.

  • Low Volume (1.5 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (2.5 Hrs/Wk)

Time Crunch 458 Weeks per Block

Every workout constituting the Time Crunch 45 plans are slightly shortened versions of many of our most popular 60-minute workouts which then trim off enough work to get you on & off the bike inside of a single hour.

  • Low Volume (2.3 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (3.8 Hrs/Wk)

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