Working at your body’s utmost capacity for brief periods of time is the very essence of interval training. Whether you target muscular endurance, aerobic capacity (VO2max), or the nastiest of them all, anaerobic capacity, the objective is to maximize your performance capabilities.

Remarkably, and perhaps unknown to many athletes is a “trickle-down” effect that takes place at higher and higher levels of intensity. So when you train your muscular endurance you also benefit your aerobic endurance, when you train at VO2max you also benefit your muscle endurance and your aerobic endurance, and when you repeat severe, brutal anaerobic efforts you benefit nearly EVERYTHING!

And this is why Kettle is our Workout of the Week. By working at extremely high intensity, even for very brief but highly uncomfortable periods of time, this particular high tide lifts all performance boats, if you’ll forgive the weak metaphor. So dig in, work harder than you might think you can, and enjoy a wide-ranging improvement in your fitness capabilities following a total of just a few minutes of work.

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-Coach T