We’ve been hard at work the past week since we opened up the Beta.  We have a new release with lots of bug fixes and some cool new features.

Interval Tones
You guys asked us to add some kind of sound when the intervals change.  Apparently,  you’re too busy suffering with your eyes crossed to pay close attention.

That sounded (ha ha, get it?) like a good idea to us, so we did it!  Every time you start or end an interval, you get a three second count down.  We tried to pick a tone that wouldn’t get annoying but was still clean and clear so you could hear it over music or a movie.  We hope you like it.

I liked it so much in my workout today that it’s on by default.  You can turn it off under the profile tab.

Cadence to Play or Pause a Workout
It’s kind of annoying to have to click the start button, try to get on your bike in five seconds and start riding. It’s just as bad if you have to stop for a second to answer the phone or give the baby back a toy that she dropped (I have a 6 month old).

To make this better, we’ve added a feature that lets your cadence play or pause a workout.

Simply bring up a workout and start pedaling.  Once you get your cadence over 60 RPM the count down starts.

To pause the workout stop pedaling.  Once we receive a 0 cadence event we pause the workout.  Pedal again to resume.

If you don’t have a cadence monitor (you should get one) you won’t be affected.

You can turn this feature off under the profile tab.  If you have weak signal you might want to turn this off.  If your cadence drops out it shouldn’t pause, but there might be situations that it does.  So if you have problems just turn it off (and let us know).

Free Rides
A lot of you asked if you could create your own custom workouts.  Right now, the answer is no.  We want you to be able to create workouts some day, but we want to get it right and that takes some work.

In the mean time, we’ve added something we call “Free Rides”.  Think of these as free style cycling.  Do what ever you want in these workouts.  They are time based (30,60,90,180) so if you have an hour workout that we don’t have, pick Free Ride 60.

These workouts would also be good for mindless recovery/endurance rides while watching a movie.

Opening Workouts
To open workouts you click on the workout picture now.  Same thing goes for the career section.

We’ve also fixed a lot of bugs and we’re improving the website everyday.

We Need Your Help
We’re trying to get all the bugs out and make TrainerRoad and indoor cycling in general really really good.  The only way we can do that is for you to do some workouts and give us feedback.

If you have a suggestion, don’t like something, really like something, or find a bug; click on the feedback tab on the left side of our website.  Give us an idea or send us a message.

ALL of the stuff that we did this week came from you guys.  We don’t have steering committees or status meetings to slow us down, we just code up the good stuff.  As long as we like your idea, we’ll try to get it done.

We are just two guys will full time jobs, wives and babies.  Chad (our coach) is also part of the team but he doesn’t code.  Some ideas take longer than others.  We’ll try to get the ones out with the most bang for your buck while still keeping TrainerRoad clean and simple.

That’s it!
To update just open up the desktop player.  You should be asked to update, please do that.  Again, if you find any bugs let us know.

Happy riding.