We’re pleased to announce the TrainerRoad iOS beta program!

To sign up for the beta and/or get news and updates go here. Due to restrictions in the Apple developer program, we can’t get everyone into the beta. Don’t worry though, as soon as the app is ready we’ll put it in the App Store for everyone to enjoy.

We’re very excited to get this long awaited part of TrainerRoad into everyone’s hands! We hope you’re excited too!

Beta Program FAQs

We’ve answered a few of our most frequently asked questions, but if there’s anything we’ve missed you can drop us a line in the comments.

What platforms are you supporting?

iPhone 4s+, iPad retina+, iPad mini, iPod touch with BT 4.0

How does ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Work?

Bluetooth Smart is native on the phone, no need for external devices. ANT+ will require a Wahoo ANT+ dongle. Wahoo is also developing BT/ANT+ bridge devices, which means you’ll be able to use a Wahoo device and it will re-broadcast ANT+ device as BT devices (no ANT+ dongle necessary).

What about Android?

Our development team is hard at work bringing cycling’s most effective training tool to Android. You can sign up here to get updates and be the first to know when it’s ready. (Updated September 14, 2015.) 

What about PC/Mac? Are they going away?

No way! This new code base is actually the starting point for a much improved desktop experience.

How much will the app cost?

The app will be free, but you will need an active TrainerRoad subscription to use it.

When is the app launching?

As soon as we are confident that the quality of the app meets our high standards we’ll release it to the App Store. We’re aiming for a first release with the core TrainerRoad feature and we’ll then fold in new features in small intervals after that.

How do I sign up for the beta?

Go here! http://www.trainerroad.com/ios