Trevor DeRuisé

There are some things in this world that only an endurance athlete can understand.

The thrill of adding a few watts to your FTP after weeks of hard work is something the general population will never experience. As the newest member of the TrainerRoad family, I can confidently say that I live in the same world as all of you reading this right now. My day-to-day routine revolves around numbers. Well, a more accurate statement would be that my day-to-day routine revolves around winning races. With that being said, I know what numbers win races.

My name is Trevor DeRuisé and I am a twenty-two-year-old professional mountain bike racer from Reno, NV. I specialize in cross-country and other endurance disciplines. Some of my most recent accomplishments include 2nd at the 2013 USA Cycling XC National Championships in Super-D, as well as riding for Team USA at the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup.

I was introduced to TrainerRoad in early 2013 as a significantly cheaper and more convenient way of monitoring my fitness throughout the year. Power, thresholds, and numerical data may not be quite as prevalent in conversations on the trail, but every top mountain biker knows what kind of numbers they need in order to win races. This information is completely revolutionizing the way off road riders prepare. Even top enduro riders have an FTP that they make sure they’re at before they line up for the first race of the season. While I try not to get too wrapped up in “the numbers”, I know where I need to be in order to be competitive. Now with TrainerRoad, I can monitor my progress, make changes to my program as necessary, and make sure I am where I need to be before I line up.

At TrainerRoad, you can find me working closely with the rest of the marketing staff to help show the world what an amazing tool this product is for endurance athletes. You can also find me posting and chatting with you all on the company social media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). With the launch of our new mountain bike training plan, I’m especially excited about hearing from our off road athletes and seeing what kind of success this plan can bring you this year! And of course, you can find me at the races putting “my numbers” to the test at some of the biggest XC races in North America. Sea Otter, the Pro XCT series, USA Cross Country and Marathon National Championships, and both North American World Cups – if any of these events are on your schedule, stop by and say hello!

Thanks for reading, see you on the trails!