In this special episode we discussed how to use team camps to make you faster and team tactics for criteriums with Team Clif Bar Cycling.

Topics covered in this episode

  • The difference between team camp and training camp
  • The importance of team bonding for cyclists
  • How fit are pro cyclists?
  • Why power to weight doesn’t always decide a race
  • What skills you need as a sprinter
  • How to learn your role in a race team
  • What are the different types of sprinters?
  • How to use a training camp to get faster
  • Why a sprinter needs teammates to attack
  • How to set up a sprinter for a sprint finish
  • How to know when you should attack
  • How to execute a leadout train
  • What it’s like to be at the front of a pro race
  • How to know when you should leave your leadout train
  • How to move through a pack
  • How to set yourself up for a good sprint finish
  • How to use course recon to help win races

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