Team Clif Bar Racing’s Pete Morris joins us again as we go over Coach Chad’s strength training plan, how to gain weight and get faster, what your heart rate data means during a ramp test, and much more!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • How to increase your FTP with TrainerRoad
  • Why you experience numbness when riding hard
  • Barely holding on to a fast group, or leading a slower group: What’s best?
  • How to use an olympic tri to prep for a Half-Ironman
  • How to taper before a Half-Ironman
  • Why course replica workouts aren’t good training
  • How to make the most of course reconnaissance
  • Tips to avoid a tight lower back
  • How elevation affects pacing
  • How to use “negative split” pacing
  • How to pick the right gearing for a climb
  • How to gain weight and get faster
  • Coach Chad’s Strength Training Recommendations
  • Should you reach max heart rate during a ramp test?
  • How to make a hot and humid room cool and dry
  • Training in the heat vs. cold
  • Tech that measures recovery

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