On the next episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast, we’ll discuss stage race pro tips that Jonathan collected at a UCI stage race, how altitude affects caloric burn, a deep dive to help you understand TSS, and much more!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Stage Race tips from the pros
  • How to stay focused during a race
  • Things to know about racing multiple times per day
  • Is Ribose a good recovery supplement?
  • How do nitrates and nitrites affect performance?
  • Are sprints at the end of a workout a bad idea?
  • How cold weather, swimming, and sodium levels affect hydration
  • Why does TSS drop in the Specialty Phase?
  • Why chronic training load is not a good indicator of performance
  • Understanding calories burned and metabolic efficiency
  • Does altitude affect caloric burn?
  • How to race against an unknown field
  • How to race solo amongst teams
  • What to expect when racing at a lower elevation

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