Low-to-high cost indoor training setups from TrainerRoad athletes.

Disclaimer: Prices of the following products are subject to change

TrainerRoad gives you structured indoor workouts and science-backed training plans to get faster. When you get started, you’re given three different ways to train indoors with power. While each one differs from the next, they each give you the benefits of training with power — even if you don’t own a smart trainer or power meter.

There are hundreds of options available to choose between power meters, indoor trainers, speed sensors and smart trainers. To help simplify things, we took a look at the most popular training setups from TrainerRoad athletes. Priced from low to high, here are three specific training setups TrainerRoad athletes love.

Setup #1: Speed Sensor + Trainer (Under $600)

This first setup gives you the benefits of power-based training without a power meter. It’s called VirtualPower®, and it uses the data from a speed sensor to turn your speed into watts while you train. If you already have a trainer — Kinetic’s Road Machine is a huge hit with our TR athletes — you’re already halfway there! All you need is a reliable speed sensor to start training with power.

Setup #2: Power Meter + Trainer (Under $1, 100)

This second setup is an indoor training classic: using a power meter with your indoor trainer. Stages Power Meters are a popular choice, likely because they are easy to set up, work on a wide range of bikes and tracks and broadcast power consistently and accurately in both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+.

Setup #3: Smart Trainer (Under $1,500)

This final setup is one of the most common choices we see from TrainerRoad athletes. The Wahoo KICKR is an indoor training favorite, and when it’s paired with training software like TrainerRoad, the KICKR becomes the ultimate training machine by controlling your workout resistance for a whole new training experience.

Other Setups that Allow You to Train with Power

These are just three of the most popular indoor training setups we see among TrainerRoad athletes. There are hundreds of compatible training devices that work with TrainerRoad that let you train with power. Your indoor-training setup is easy to customize based off the devices you own, your training goals and how much you’re willing to spend.

Want to check if TrainerRoad supports the equipment you already own? Visit the equipment checker to verify your training setup so you can start training with power with TrainerRoad.

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