Last week we mentioned that we’re using data from millions of rides to help improve our training plans.

We’ve already updated Sweet Spot Base I/II Mid and Low Volumes . This week, we’ve made changes to our build plans.

How do I update a plan on the calendar to reflect these changes?
There are two types of changes: Workout updates and workout changes. You don’t have to do anything for in place workout changes, they are automatically reflected on your calendar.

Workout Updates
We’ve tweaked some of our workouts to get you faster. For the workouts we’ve done this to you don’t have to do anything. If they are already on your calendar they will automatically update.

You view a full list of workouts that have updated here.

Workout Change
We’ve switched out some of the workouts on our plans with different workouts. You can view these changes in our build plan changelog.

If you see something like this, Junction —> Junction -1 in the changelog then that’s a workout change.

If you want to change your current plan to reflect these workout changes you have two choices:
1) Remove the plan from your calendar and re-add it
2) Find the specific workouts we changed and update those manually

You can view a full list of changes in this change log.

Moving Forward
Our next plans to update will be our Road Race plans.

We’ll continue this process for the rest of our plans. After that, we’ll then continually tweak them as we use our data to learn how to make cyclists even faster.

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