This next Saturday, Oct 8th is the Ironman World Championships.

To celebrate, Reid and I are going to ride Cartago starting at 9:30am PST (pro start time). It’s just a measly 3 hours of working out compared to the 9-17 hours for everyone who’s doing the race.

I’m going to change the workout a little bit to raise the intensity and get the IF range more to that of a half ironman bike leg (.83-.87).  I’ll do this by raising some of the recoveries so you don’t do so much soft pedaling and it will become a little more of an endurance workout.

The result should be like riding 50-70 miles outdoors depending on your fitness level.

My challenge to you is to do Cartago on Oct 8th.  You can view the race at and it goes all day, so you have a lot of time to jump in and watch the race.  If you have’t watched a triathlon, this is the one to watch.

I’ll be watching my daughter while my wife is at work so I’ll have jump on and off the bike a bit.  That’s part of the great part of indoor cycling, you can still be with your family while and do what you need to while you workout :). I won’t be able to do an indoor workout any Saturday for the rest of the year, but indoors, no problem!

Let me know if you accept my challenge in the comments below.