Reid and I went down to Las Vegas (we’re from Reno, so it’s close) to check out Interbike.

For those of you who don’t know, Interbike is a massive cycling trade show.  It’s mostly focused on retailers but there is some consumer stuff there.

We didn’t have the money it get our own booth, but luckily the ANT+ guys let us use their booth for a couple hours on Thursday and Friday.  We spent the rest of the time walking around talking to trainer manufacturers and power meter companies.  Here are some of the highlights and some random pictures.

Controlling Resistance Units
We talked to Cycleops, Elite, Tacx and Computrainer about controlling their resistance units.  Interbike is mostly sales guys, so we got a lot of “I think we can do that, send me an e-mail and I’ll forward your message.”

I’m most confident in supporting Cycleops PowerBeam Pro and Computrainers.  After that Elite. I’m least confident about Tacx trainers.  They haven’t been as open to us controlling their trainers.  If you have one of these trainers from any of the above companies and want us to support it, please let these companies know.

Wahoo Fitness and Mobile Apps
Wahoo Fitness is a cool company that let’s your iPhone, iPad or Android phone connect to your ANT+ devices.  We had some good talks with them and plan on starting mobile support for TrainerRoad in spring of 2012.

Barry from BrimBrothers came by the ANT+ booth to check out TrainerRoad.  BrimBrothers is another start up company making a cleat based power system.  They’ve been developing “in the open” for a few years now and people have doubted that they really had a product.

Let me tell you it works.

We paired his cleats with TrainerRoad and took a video.  Check it out.


We saw a bunch of other cool stuff, but I’m too lazy to describe each picture.  Our facebook/twitter feed has all the details.  Here are the pics in case anyone is interested.





Interbike was a lot of fun, booth next year?