Fall is here. This is the time of year when most cyclists start their base training. For many riders, this means ramping up their training volume to get in as many miles each week as possible. As well intentioned as this type of training is, it’s not the most effective way to train.

If you want to make the most of every second you spend on your bike, a structured training plan is key.

There are a few ways riders can implement a structured training plan. The most common way is to pay a cycling coach to create a training plan for you. The cost of hiring a coach varies, but you can expect to spend anywhere from around $50 to $150 per month for their guidance and advice.

The second way to get on a structured training plan is to buy a templated plan online. Although this option won’t cost as much as paying for an actual cycling coach, the downside is that the plan you purchase won’t be custom fit to you.

The third way to get started on a structured training plan is to design one for yourself. This is obviously the most cost-effective option. But, let’s put money talk aside. The benefits of creating your own structured training plan go well beyond saving a few bucks.

Becoming a better cyclist starts with education.

And there’s no better education than building your own plan.

Building your own structured training plan will teach you a lot. You can expect to learn the importance of goal setting, how to measure the effectiveness of your workouts, the true meaning of key cycling terminology, and so much more.

We want you to reap the benefits of building and using your own structured training plan. But we understand it’s not easy to get started without some help — that’s why we created our Train Smart, Get Fast email course

In six emails delivered to your inbox, our free Train Smart, Get Fast course will teach you how to train more effectively. After a week, you’ll have the knowledge to create a training plan to help you become a faster cyclist.

Overview of what you’ll learn with the Train Smart, Get Fast course:

  • How to create your own training plan
  • The best way to measure the effectiveness of your workouts
  • What Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is and why it matters
  • The three phases coaches use to build training plans
  • How to establish a training regimen for your specific cycling event
  • How to determine the amount of rest you need when training

Six cycling emails. Zero dollars. One faster cyclist — you.

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