Rose Grant is a 4x national champion, multi-time Epic Rides champion, and a previous USA World Championships team member. She lives and trains in Whitefish, MT and manages to be a world-class contender while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood. Rose’s experience at the pointy-end of some off the biggest XC races in the world, and her experience of returning from a string of devastating injuries gives her an entirely unique perspective that we can all learn from. Enjoy!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Rose’s favorite pre-race dinner
  • Managing sleep as a professional athlete and a parent
  • Race day morning routine
  • What Rose eats for breakfast on race morning
  • Ride or Drive to the race venue?
  • Rose’s warmup routine
  • How long should you warm up?
  • Getting “in the zone”
  • What Rose looks for when she pre-rides a course
  • What music Rose listens to to get in the racing headspace
  • Rose’s Sea Otter race recap
  • Where is Rose’s favorite place to ride
  • What Rose indulges in after a successful day on the bike
  • Baking and Biking – how to balance training and indulgence
  • How to deal with injury mentally and physically
  • Balancing training, racing, and family
  • What Rose wishes she did early on in her race career

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