Congrats to all the finishers of the 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria! There was plenty of suffering that helped raise $103,941 for the Davis Phinney Foundation. Good job!

We’ve randomly selected our prize winners for the ToS and crunched some numbers.

Enjoy the 2015 ToS Infographic and check for your username in the list of prize winners! If you’ve been selected, you will have already received an email.




T-Shirt Winners

  • jeppeg
  • tbulger
  • OkotoksLawyer
  • Jsalas
  • MoranbahMadman
  • dwmangold
  • 703athlete
  • sceptre1067
  • mikeszwaya
  • skmdt
  • Boardy69
  • fishst1k
  • clint70
  • GemmaRose78
  • jowens1299
  • rjdutch
  • emmalambert19
  • twamp


Bottle Winners

  • jmhpsu93
  • cooterbob
  • mmcl7780
  • mrnovack
  • shawnsmith
  • michaeldam
  • Debelle
  • THampshire
  • jshausmann
  • dimitrikiselkov
  • ccoffin2010
  • razh
  • Elgordo
  • tommyimron
  • ScottAmps
  • Bollo
  • Alaric83
  • wreckferret


iPad Winners

  • DoubleWhiskey
  • Bryanh
  • wvrandall
  • chriselias
  • BabaLoo

If you’ve been selected as a winner, you will have already been notified via email.

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