Power Based Indoor Cycling Training Software

with structured indoor workouts and science-backed training plans.

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Proven to Make Cyclists Faster.

Hard work alone isn’t enough to reach your cycling potential — if you want to get faster, you need to train smart. TrainerRoad combines power-based cycling software with expert guidance to give you the most effective and efficient indoor-training program for cyclists. From assessing your fitness to choosing a training plan, athletes rely on TrainerRoad to help them win.

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Structured interval training

Each workout prescribes specific intervals tailored to your fitness.

Live performance data

Guided feedback while you train helps you nail every interval.

Diverse training plans

100+ training plans prepare every type of rider for their peak event.

Convenient power-based training

Pick between three indoor training options based on your equipment.

Cross-platform availability

Train on the devices you know and love with PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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TrainerRoad will make you faster on the bike, period.

- Devon, Aerogeeks.com

Training Technology Backed By Science.

TrainerRoad uses power — the only truly objective performance metric — to tailor every workout to your personal fitness level. Every minute you spend on the trainer is spent making you faster.

Discover Your Functional Threshold Power

A guided FTP test establishes your current level of fitness.

Complete Interval Workouts

Power-based interval workouts are automatically tailored to your personal fitness level.

Find and Follow a Training Plan

Follow a structured training plan based on your availability, unique fitness and race goals.

Get Started Training Fast

Use the Equipment Checker to quickly learn what training setup is right for you.

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Plans to Accomplish Your Cycling Goals.

Riders of all disciplines turn to TrainerRoad’s science-backed training plans to get faster. Whether you currently have a little fitness or a lot, there’s a structured plan for you that will help you achieve your goals.

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“TrainerRoad has completely transformed the [indoor riding] experience.”

“TrainerRoad quite simply makes every second you spend on the turbo count.”

“...TrainerRoad is the best there is.

BikeRadar Score: ★★★★★

The Only Podcast Dedicated to Making You a Faster Cyclist.

Get answers to your most technical and unique training questions. Each week, the cycling authorities at TrainerRoad answer queries submitted from athletes around the globe, as well as dish about their latest training experiments, discoveries and tips.

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Highly effective and easy-to-use power-based training software. Perhaps the best US$12 you can spend on getting faster.
Date published: 11/17/2014
5 / 5 stars