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Intelligently Recommended Workouts

TrainNow gives you the flexibility to complete structured training, when and how you want, with intelligently recommended workouts. However you want to ride, TrainNow can help you get faster.

TrainNow on a laptop with recommended workouts
Fewer Failed Workouts
50.8 %

Fewer workouts failed when using TrainNow versus randomly picking workouts.

Higher Success Rate
94.4 %vs86.6 %

Workout success rate on TrainNow versus randomly selecting a workout

Training On Your Terms

TrainNow is the easiest way to get the benefits of structured workouts when you’re not following a training plan, or when you want to supplement what you already have on the calendar. Powered by Adaptive Training, TrainNow gives you the right workout, every time, even if you’re not following a training plan.

TrainNow on mobile device and tablet
No Plan, No Problem

If you don’t want to set a training schedule or aren’t ready for a plan, TrainNow is a great way to take advantage of structured interval training.

Chose a workout duration dropdown
The Choice Is Yours

Select how long you have to train and TrainNow recommends workouts based on your abilities: an endurance, climbing or attacking workout so you can choose whichever motivates you the most.

TrainNow workout suggestions
Intelligent Training

Powered by Adaptive Training, TrainNow uses machine learning to analyze your recent performances and workout history and recommends a set of three workouts that would be best for you.

Choose Your Training

Is TrainNow Right For You?

Harness the power of structured interval workouts with or without a training plan. Whether you don’t want a set training schedule or want to supplement your custom plan, TrainNow has you covered.

Custom Plans
  • Progressive and periodized training

  • Plan your entire season

  • Train for specific goals or events

  • Structured, power-based workouts

  • Workouts based on your fitness level

  • Increased schedule flexibility

  • Supplement plans or unstructured riding

  • Structured, power-based workouts

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