Ride Sync

Track all of your training data and stick to the plan wherever you go with Ride Sync.


Import your Strava history and allow your TrainerRoad rides to be shared to your Strava profile.


Connect your Garmin and TrainerRoad accounts to share your training data indoors and out.


Allow your TrainerRoad rides to sync to your TrainingPeaks profile automatically.


Push TrainerRoad outside workouts to your Wahoo devices.


Automatically backup each ride you do by syncing your TrainerRoad data to Dropbox.

\ Bring all your rides into TrainerRoad to fully understand the impact of your efforts and have the complete picture of your training stress and personal records inside and out.

Take Your Workouts Outside

Get faster with TrainerRoad workouts outside on your head unit. Sync your Garmin Connect or Wahoo account to follow your training plan with outside-specific workouts on your Garmin Edge and Wahoo head units.