Zycle ZPro (Sound and Lost of Power?)

Hi all,

My name is Cristian, and I would like to perform my cycling strength with Trainer Road, so I’m testing the software since yesterday.

I received my new smart trainer, the newest Bkool one, called Zycle ZPro. Anyone in this forum has this trainer or similar?

Tried yesterday the Ramp Test, and there were two factors that worried me.
1.- It sounds a lot, when I’m reaching 200watts. I don’t know if this is normal. (Note: I’ve been using a Spinning bike for the last two years for indoor training).

2.- It was easy to reach my current FTP (225w), but maintaining this step of power was impossible, because the Zycle ZPro looses power even If I push harder with my hard gear set.
I’ll give it a try with the assioma favero later this week for measuring power.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @verXus

I’m having this exact issue with this same trainer that I only bought 2 weeks ago. Did you find a solution?


What particular issue are you having? The OP mentioned noise as the power rose - and compared it to the spin bike they were used to. I’d say that a wheel-on trainer probably would be noisier than most spin bikes, as they often have a magnetic flywheel (which is quieter).

At first it was fine and working as expected but now the power figure is inconsistent during steady cycling and there is occasional loud high pitched squeal type noises (like the metal scraping metal kind).
If try and hold low steady wats the sound isn’t too bad but at higher wats it starts.

When I try to spin the roller by hand it appears to move independently of the flywheel/fan that I can see through the vent on the side which I presume is not right…? perhaps something came looks or wasn’t installed right since I only have it 2 weeks.
Think ill look into warranty return.

Hi @markkilpatrick,

I think that my issues became about not knowing how the ERG mode works. When I was performing my FTP TEST I thought that I had to spin harder and harder, generating more power so the ERG mode was almost disabled or not working.
Try to perform de Ramp Test with 85 rpm cadence and working with small chainring, just let the ERG mode make its job.
The thing about the heavy sound I solved it by selling the Zycle and buying an Elite Suito.
Hope it heps.

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