Zwift Workout Editor - new web-based app

Supposedly let’s you create custom workouts in Zwift easier / faster. You can also create custom run workouts, which I guess Zwift doesn’t let you do now. May try this tomorrow for grins and giggles…


According to the comments, it’s desktop centric, so once again it;s a hard pass from me. :cry:

On a mobile phone I’ve only tried Garmin Connect app and it works well. Really easy to create or modify a structured workout.

It’s the output file that’s a problem as far as I understand. iOS has been designed with hiding the file system as a requirement - makes life a bit complicated.

Nice! looking forward to giving this a go. Fingers crossed it all works.

I like the visual elements of Zwift but the structure and ease of following a plan on TR. Don’t think I can bothered to make a new workout every time but might be better for some of those longer intervals that don’t change or some of the aerobic sessions.

Anything to get through those intervals is a winner in my eyes!

iOS has an accessible file system now, for several years. The Files app gives access, and apps can expose as well.

Yes - an interesting set of patches.

Only complicated if you design solutions that produce/use output files, a bit 20th century IMO.

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Looks very similar to zwofactory to me.

Zwift management of files is really poor. Even the desktop version, you have to drop the .zwo file into a very specific directory, and you can’t really manage it inside the app. One of the things I hated most and why I prefer to create workouts in Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks. The downside, if you need to do a free-ride section, you have to use .zwo files.

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Yeah, and it’s not just iOS. Android would have the same problems because the app wants files in a specific place.

But, it is much easier to deal with on a desktop than a mobile device. The silly thing is that you can upload to their “servers” by putting the file in the appropriate location on a pc/Mac, launching Zwift, let it load, then shut it down and go to your mobile.

So much of Zwift development irritates me. I should make this my new signature.

“We feel confident in the ability to catch cheaters and to police the races.”

  • Chris Snook, a spokesman for Zwift.


never used it…dunno. Just reporting on it since I thought some here might find it useful.

I’d never used that before. Just tried it… really like it :+1:

Think I still prefer the workout builder for speed/simplicity, but this is a close second.

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Have never tried this one - will have to give it a go. For me the TR Workout Creator is so much better than the Zwift one, I stopped looking elsewhere.

:exploding_head: :scream:

I had forgotten about that one. I recall the discussion we had with mr. tinker on this forum, about it.