Can you pair TrainerRoad with BLE and Zwift with ANT+ at the same time (using a PC)?

Question on using BLE and ANT+: I use TrainerRoad simultaneously with Zwift and have connected each with an ANT+ dongle plugged into my PC (one dongle for each app). With TrainerRoad’s most recent update and the “loss” of Standard Mode, I just purchased the BLE adapter they suggest in order to get Standard Mode back. Now for some reason while using BLE to pair to TR, I can’t get Zwift to pair with my power meter. Is there any way to pair these two apps with one using BLE (TrainerRoad) and the other via ANT+ (Zwift)?

I typically run ANT+ to TR and BLE to Zwift.

Start TR. Get everything paired. Load your workout. Put TR in minimal mode.
I turn on laptop BLE. Start Zwift. Pair power, cadence, HR. No Controllable Trainer. Select course. Ride.

You mentioned PC. So you will probably need to run BLE to TR (Zwift Win BLE is beta I believe) and ANT+ to Zwift. But, the gist of it is the same. Set TR up first. Then set up Zwift.

What is the “loss of standard mode”?

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Yes, you can. I have done it several times.

I used ANT+ for ZWIFT and BLE for TR.

Thanks. Can you elaborate on your set up? I tried yesterday, and while I was able to pair TR directly to my PC (using a BLE adapter), I could not get Zwift to recognize/find the ANT+ dongle. Maybe I needed to fire up Zwift first and then insert the BLE adapter for TR?

There’s a few threads on this. I started on called “TrainerRoad Workout on Zwift” that should have the answers. Sorry, but I messed up the link.

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Thanks, AndyGajda. I did look through that thread, but it doesn’t address my issue. I’m very familiar with the ‘2 Ant+ dongle’ approach with a PC as that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past two years. What I’d like to start doing going forward is connect TrainerRoad to my PC via BLE instead (while still running Zwift on the same PC but pairing that via Ant+). I was not successful in trying to do this yesterday so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong (or if it’s even possible).

Here’s the link to the TrainerRoad Workout on Zwift thread.

I’m in the process of setting up my dual TR/Zwift workouts so finding a lot of this info useful.