Zwift racing: WTRL ZRL Season 2

Is it possible to join a team still, I am america E timezone. Zwift power ranks me as B but I’d prefer to race A, although nothing against B if it needs to be filled :grin:

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Of course, however the A’s are racing EMEA E, which may not be suitable time wise. If you can fit it in, you’re more than welcome.

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That’s only the Premier As, there are regular A divisions in every time zone.

I’m referring to the exisiting Trainer Road A team. Of course if you join another team or create a second TR A team then you have plenty of choices.

Oh gotcha sorry I misread your post.

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Races are generally between 40-60 minutes, TSS varied between 70-125 (there was one longer race). Generally the TSS is about 80 for the race and 15-20 for warm-up and cool down so that works out as a good sub for either one of the 60 minute high intensity rides.


Good luck tomorrow everyone!

I ended up in Americas East, Division A3 racing for ATP Racing Acetylene Anyone land in my same division?

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I’m managing a roster of teams for cycling club in this league, and have a question on this for people In The Know (especially if they did Season 1)…

From what I understand, you can act as a “DS” or “Team car” if you enter the race but don’t leave the start pen (i.e. you log in without pairing any devices and allow your avatar to sit there while the racers race).

  1. Is that right? You don’t have to specifically register as a “DS” or anything?
  2. At that point, how do you actually follow the race?

Correct. I believe this season they changed it so you sign up with their website. Of course its kind of a mess (I mean its a ton of shit going on and only a few people so I get it) so just do not leave the pen.

Enter the pen, do not leave pen, swap between camera I believe.

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Have a great race everyone, I can’t wait! I just finished my offseason break, so my forecast is PAIN!

I’ve really enjoyed these WTRL races, it’s fun to have a series this competitive that has such an ease of access.

Curious how folks are fitting these races into their training plans? Trying to run Adaptive Training alongside these races? I’m finding it’s tough - I normally work out in the AM, and these races are in the PM, so throws off the schedule a bit - interested in how others are making it work.

First season with WRTL and enjoying it so far.

About to go into SSB1 and using plan builder I put in each of the races for Season 1 as C races and let the planner do it’s magic…essentially just swapping out the planned SSB 1 Tuesday ride for the C race automatically.

Going to see how it pans out. Just need to accept I am going to have some pain/ intensity in the plan during base phase :joy:

I guess I’m kind of lucky in that I’m not really training right now. Cross is my main focus so right now (and for the rest of the year) I’m all about race-recover-repeat. I’m doing openers on Saturday, racing on Sunday, recovery on Monday, ZRL on Tuesday, then easy/endurance Wed-Fri. Last weekend I had a cross doubleheader so I was still pretty wasted by the time the gun went off for ZRL. :frowning:

Last winter/spring when I was actually trying to train, it was definitely difficult. I ended up settling on openers on Monday (usually Truuli), ZRL on Tuesday, recovery on Weds, then training Thurs and Fri, and recovery/endurance over the weekend. It was hard because I wanted good training but I also wanted to do well in ZRL. It’s fun and the team aspect is really motivating.

In the past before AT I just ran a Free Ride while doing my w/u, race and c/d in Zwift, but since Free Rides are the same as other unstructured rides and don’t count at the moment I’ve been putting my SweetSpot workout on in TR while I’m racing, then completing whatever’s left at the end after the race. Not sure it’s the best way to do it, but it’s “A” way that is still getting me some AT and PL progression and not going backwards at least.

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Yeah, this issue is exactly why I can’t wait for them to start scoring outside/unstructured workouts in AT. Right now all my intensity is coming from ZRL and cyclocross; by the end of the season my levels are going to be a mess. My VO2 max score of 5.8 that I was so proud of has already dropped to 3.7. :frowning: I’m sure if some of these races were scored it would still be close to six.

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Agreed! It’s really a bummer that can do all the auto-interval detection, but TR can’t. Can’t YET at course, hopefully that will come soon at least in the background for AT/PL use if not for both that and analysis of outdoor/unstructured rides.

Is there a guide or anything for joining a team? I’m essentially right on A/B border. Really enjoyed Zwift racing early last season.