Zwift racing: WTRL ZRL Season 2

Is it possible to join a team still, I am america E timezone. Zwift power ranks me as B but I’d prefer to race A, although nothing against B if it needs to be filled :grin:

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Of course, however the A’s are racing EMEA E, which may not be suitable time wise. If you can fit it in, you’re more than welcome.

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That’s only the Premier As, there are regular A divisions in every time zone.

I’m referring to the exisiting Trainer Road A team. Of course if you join another team or create a second TR A team then you have plenty of choices.

Oh gotcha sorry I misread your post.

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Races are generally between 40-60 minutes, TSS varied between 70-125 (there was one longer race). Generally the TSS is about 80 for the race and 15-20 for warm-up and cool down so that works out as a good sub for either one of the 60 minute high intensity rides.


Good luck tomorrow everyone!

I ended up in Americas East, Division A3 racing for ATP Racing Acetylene Anyone land in my same division?

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I’m managing a roster of teams for cycling club in this league, and have a question on this for people In The Know (especially if they did Season 1)…

From what I understand, you can act as a “DS” or “Team car” if you enter the race but don’t leave the start pen (i.e. you log in without pairing any devices and allow your avatar to sit there while the racers race).

  1. Is that right? You don’t have to specifically register as a “DS” or anything?
  2. At that point, how do you actually follow the race?

Correct. I believe this season they changed it so you sign up with their website. Of course its kind of a mess (I mean its a ton of shit going on and only a few people so I get it) so just do not leave the pen.

Enter the pen, do not leave pen, swap between camera I believe.

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Have a great race everyone, I can’t wait! I just finished my offseason break, so my forecast is PAIN!