Zwift racing: WTRL ZRL Season 2

Great! For season one America East raced at 7:45 Eastern. I think the poster above was referring to getting off the bike ~9pm after racing and cool down. Yeah, too late for me. I live north of Seattle and want to race in East, 4:45 is a perfect time for me.

I’ll add your name to the list in the first post!

Hope you get a team together :facepunch:

possibly interested, solidly middle B though

Great, I’ll add you to the list at the top. Preferred time/league/zone/whatever they call it?

It depends on what time zone you’re in/which zone you’re racing - - for me they start at 9pm. :unamused:

Awesome, thanks :+1:

I had a setup like this for a while, sure it was a small handicap to racing really aggressively but it worked OK for me. I would have my Garmin head unit paired to my Kickr, and then basically when I needed to shift I would simply change the resistance level with the head unit. It’s a bit counterintuitive - for example I would often make it harder resistance when going up hill so I put out enough watts to stay up with the group, but after a bit of trial and error I made it work well enough that I was mostly fine. Sure, my coach still thought I was crazy when I explained it to him…but it got the job done.

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Just going to bump this thread one more time to see if there is any more interest.

I actually think I am going to throw my hat in the ring again for Season 2, let me know if you see any good teams out there @ccftri - thanks.

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Is there any interest around a us east d group?

I just read your post on the Zwift update string. You can join my team anytime. More seriously, I ran a non-TR America East D team in season 1. It took me about three weeks to get novice racers organized (no HR monitors, drafting in TTTs and not having done the minimum 2 races to qualify) and then we were DQD from half the races because two racers were flagged for upgrades. The guys flagged did not win any races, which were won by other C racers who are not DQD. We hope to race in C next season for the simple reason of not having up to half our team DQD on a weekly basis. I honestly don’t think WTRL is set up well for lower category racing but it we will give it another shot.

I had raced about half the races in TR B and A, and it was great fun! I had frustrations due to how upgrades were handled, but otherwise the league was a blast.

I’ve decided against participating in second season only because of effects on my training plan, otherwise I would have been all over it! Highly recommended, and Jonathan is doing a great job organizing the teams :slight_smile:

I appreciate that. Let me know if you end up trying to do a D team again and I would be happy to join. Sadly I am a good 3 or 4 months of consistency away from any risk of DQ in D class so I am safe there.

How do you do the TTTs anyway? You setup discord or something so you can communicate? Do you just blob it or do you try to ride a pace line? It seems like getting a line put together would be a big ask for As and Bs and probably not possible for a group of newer riders.

Raced season 1, but had a real hard time getting numbers. Any A’s have a spot on my American East Team division 2A if you want.

I raced in C EMEA West Season 1 and loved it, so back with a similar team for season 2.

I was trying to also do 3 x TR workouts inc one the day after the race but that became quite tricky, so as I also want to get 2 x runs in a week and a strength day I’m going to follow a LV TR plan but miss off the easiest workout on weeks I race!

Anyone else also following a plan and racing??

Yep, I stuck with MV (SSB2 then general build) but substituted the race for the mid-week endurance wko.

If I was running and having a dedicated strength day it would be LV!

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Hey Guys, I’m planning on doing the WTRL series again but I’ve just started a general build plan and it will knock out all the V02 Max sessions.

Do you think this is the right session to skip?
As I find the races just end up at you sitting at SS or Z4 for most of it.

Thanks in Advance

I just substituted the race for the Tuesday or Thursday workout and I thought that worked fine. Depending on the course for the race you can swap it out for a different workout if you felt it was more similar to a different day of the week. The TTT are like a 1 minute repeated hard effort so that works well for the Tuesday workout.

That’s basically what I’m going to do. I’m doing SSB Mid volume, and I’m going to subs the ‘harder’ of the two 90 minute workouts for the race (with warmup and cooldown I’ll end up with at least as much TSS as the 90 minute ride).

What are you basing the difficulty of the workout on? TSS? I just started TR and am super jazzed but also am racing ZRL on Tuesdays, and my TR weekday higher intensity workouts are Tuesdays and Thursday, but I’m not sure which one would be the one to substitute with racing (also the scratch races and TTTs are totally different kinds of racing…if/when I get dropped on scratch races, I’ll probably turn them into workouts to the finish haha).