Zipp hookless tires

I want to upgrade my wheels to the Zipp 404 hookless wheels with a 23mm internal rim width. What 25/26mm tires are compatibel with these wheels? I was thinking about Schwalbe pro one or Veloflex corsa tlr in a 25mm width.

Here is a link to Zipp’s “approved” tire list:

I am running the Schwalbe option - supple tires with good rolling resistance tests and excellent cornering grip. Set up easy with a compressor. I do get the tire seeded before removing the valve core and adding sealant. I ran the Pirelli option for a bit, but I found them harsh and defeating the purpose of running lower pressure.

Hope that helps!

btw - I think the new Conti’s will be approved as well - IF you can get your hands on them, they should be a great choice as well