New Zipp 454 NSW vs Princeton Carbonworks Peak 4550

Hi All,

I am a bit unsure about these two wheelsets in subject (DISC bike dogma f12). Not sure which one to get, so looking for advice/feedback.

Type of riding: quite aggressive flat and laps (not racing). Average speed around 32-37kmh for 100km rides. I really like to climb as well, hilly routes and rolling roads. Not mountains frequently. Tend to climb between 25 and 30kmh but of course it all depends on the climbs. Body weight 85kg, ftp 340.

Peak 4550 tubeless disc brake clincher


  • no need for rim tape
  • low weight at 1350g
  • nice aesthetics
  • all round rim depth at 45-50 undulating
  • seems like very good and stiff carbon
  • can choose freehub body (eg DT, Chris king, tune, white industries) and bearings (whether ceramic or steel).


  • I don’t like the fact that the rim width is so small… 18.5mm internal and 26mm external. Even running just a 25c tubeless tire (eg. GP5000) would break the 105 rule as the inflated tire would be larger than 26mm (or just at 26mm).
  • the other Princeton version 4540 grit has much wider rim width (21mm int and 30mm ext) but it comes at a much larger weight for the set, so not too convinced.

Zipp 454 NSW


  • low weight (1358g)
  • nice aesthetics
  • hookless allows lower tire pressure and more comfortable ride
  • wide rim width (23mm internal, not sure about the external can’t find the figure but it’ll probably be around 28mm)
  • allows for minimum 25mm tire which would probably be my choice of tire


  • need for rim tape for tubeless setup (a bit of a hassle)
  • can’t choose hub so need to stick with their choice of bearings and body… might not be bad after all though.
  • I’ve heard Zipp wheels can give problems… not sure about this though
  • normally I’m not happy with the hookless compatible tires in the market. I currently have gp 5000 tubeless and really like it, but it doesn’t work for hookless rims. However, the new continental gp 5000 S TR tire is now hookless compatible - great news! That being said, unfortunately continental doesn’t seem to allow the combination of 23mm internal rim width with their 25mm tire. Zipp says it’s fine on their website, but continental has confirmed to me that it wouldn’t be an okay combination with their specific tire… but if I’d get a Pirelli or vittoria for instance, that would work… weird.

Other wheels I’ve considered are the Enve 3.4 SES disc or the AR version. Enve 4.5 SES or AR. And the Zipp 353 nsw but these have all different rim depths.

Do you have any advice? I don’t seem to find many reviews online for the Princeton 4550 peak and Zipp 454 nsw…

Thanks so much for your kind help!

IMO, the Princeton’s IW is a non starter. No way would I buy that narrow of a rim nowadays. Is there a reason you’re against running the 28mm tires? I have the 303 FC’s and absolutely love them.

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I just love the feeling of 25mm tires (which, on wide rims, could have lower pressure and be even more comfortable). I did have 28mm and didn’t find them as good as 25mm, perhaps it’s just subjective feeing or the type of riding I do… perhaps would give it a try again on the Zipp…