Question on tire width with new Zipp 404s

I’m looking at the new Zipp 404s, and my understanding is that the external width is 27.5mm. You have to run at least a 25mm tire, and my thought was the GP5000. What I wouldn’t want to do would be to go backwards in aero by running a tire that plumped up wider than the rim. Can anyone comment on how wide 25mm tires run on these wheels?

25c Conti GP5000 S TR, measures 26.5mm (this is on a 454 but same dimensions). Spot on for aero weenies. Do note that this tyre is not officially supported for such a wide internal rim, so at your own risk. At least consider running a margin below the 73psi hookless limit.

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I’m considering running the 25s as well. Have you had any issues since they aren’t officially supported? How long have you been running them?

I’ve mounted them but haven’t run them yet, waiting for better weather!

Hey! Any update on those tires and how they’re performing on the 404s?

Not really, I just haven’t had enough miles yet. But no disasters or epiphanies so far, at least.