Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels (current version) - user experiences

Have any TR users got experience of the latest version of the Zipp 404 wheels (23mm internal width versions)?
I’m looking for a new deepish - somewhere around 60mm deep - set of wheels for my Cervelo S5. They have to be tubeless (and 'easy tubeless - I don’t want a wheelset where the tubeless is hardwork making them a PITA to live with).
The 404s on paper seem like a good option - reportedly easy to set up tubeless, pretty light weight (for that sort of depth wheels) and the 23mm wide internal rim is a plus. I don’t know anyone that has a set though, so would love to hear some actual user experience

I have the 454s with the same internal width, and tubeless set up with Conti S TRs was easy with a floor pump. :+1:t2:

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Good to know. I’ve currently got a set of Reynolds AR 58/62 DB wheels, which are great in lots of respects but getting a tubeless tyre to seat is an absolute nightmare requiring a full on compressor.

I think you replied with the pic today, which was really helpful. I looked at their tire compatibility chart and it looks like for almost all the brands you need to go with their 28c option. Wouldn’t that then be wider than the rim?

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Yes, it would. I believe Schwalbe Pro One, Veloflex Corsa Evo, and Goodyear Supersports are all compatible in 25c from what I remember, but Zipp recently updated their compatibility chart.