Hookless Zipps and non compatible tires

Just bought a new bike and Zipp 303 Firecrests. Says on Vittoria Torreno Dry 2.0 (taking off stock wheelset to replace with Zipps) and noticed the sidewall on the tire says not hookless rim compatible. I’ve read some still use them. Planning on pressures at or below 40 psi and 40c or larger tires.

Anyone have real advice on whether to use them? I know the obvious answer is probably shouldnt, but they fit so tight they inflate with regular floor pump (I set one up, then realized the subtle wording on the tire…)

Thanks in advance, TB

And then you hit a pothole and your front tire blows off… really not something you want to happen. I would just get hookless compatible tires


I wouldn’t, I think you are asking for trouble. Get tires that are officially compatible. If one of your tires slides off, folds over or burps at the wrong time, you might be in for much more than a new pair of tires.

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