Zipp 404 Tubeless


I received a gift of Zipp 404 disc brake wheels.
Since they were a gift purchased used how can I tell if they are tubeless compatible.

On visual inspection they are:

  1. Authentic Zipp wheels
  2. The aero dimple pattern goes through the entire rim. Not set up with the brake track.
  3. Firecrest is on the inside of the rim
  4. White decals.

I contacted Zipp. The reply was a standard blah about 2019 wheels being tubeless. Nothing earlier.

Is there a way to tell? I am running tubes and continental 5000 now. I like the setup but would like to try tubeless 5000, but not at the risk of not being a tubeless set up.

Zipp seems as if they won’t talk with me if I am not the original owner. Do you think sending them the serial number they could tell me anything?

Thanks to any and all in advance.


If the dimpling goes all the way to the top (no brake track) then the odds are very good that it is one of the new tubeless rims. If you can get me the serial number of the rim and the part number of the hub I can tell you with certainty.


Thanks. I removed the front wheel and as I slid off the tire and tube clearly see Zipp rim tape with the words TUBELESS READY.

face plant. Too easy. Haha.

Time to roll on the 5000 TL. Happy day.

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