Scribe 50 vs Zipp 404

Currently running scribe 50mm deep wheels and thinking about a little upgrade. Looking at the zipp 404, similar weight but supposedly more areo and deeper. Enough of an upgrade to be worth it or would something else be a better option? 454’s would be the dream but ££££ and little stock around.

The 404 is 8mm deeper. That is all you are getting for your money. Internal rim width is the same, weight is the same, so don’t bother. The scribes are more than good enough. I don’t know anything else about your setup but if you have a chunk of cash to spend on upgrades, I can promise there are better ways to do it than swapping the scribes out.

I thought the internal was wider on the new zipps? but i could be wrong.

The rest of the setup is SL7, red AXS. Possibly be better of getting some shallower wheels then if i was for a more climbing-oriented wheel / windy day wheel!

Yeah that’s a good idea, great to have different sets to swap out.

Better get saving for some 353nsw’s. Oh the dream!